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`` In this site there are really accurate transcriptions for
and other Getz/Gilberto album's tunes.
The best I ever played. It happens seldom to find such professional
stuff for music-makers in the Net. Go on this way. ''
- F. [Italy]
`` This is the best music-related website I've seen on the Internet.
Þetta er besta tónlistarsíða sem ég hef séð á netinu. ''
- T. [Iceland]
`` Extraordinary job!!! Can't find the words to describe my feelings.You've
been extremely helpful! I ADORE bossa nova and your work has helped me a lot
in order to practice my portuguese too! BRAVO!!!!! ''
- J. [Greece]
`` I'm from Slovakia. I like verry much bossa nova music, I checked your page
and it's very cool! It really is! [...] Btw, the english translate is great
idea. As for I don't know much Portuguese, and I want to learn it, cause
it's fine language. ''
- M. [Slovak Republic]
``Your page is real cool. Your Bossa Nova transcriptions have helped me a
lot to improve my harmonies. I've always found Gilbertos's guitar harmonies
very difficult to follow and/or to copy. With your "little" help now it has
become possible. I think your work is being appreciated by all bossa nova
lovers around the world. Congratulations for your homepage and interest in
Brazilian music. ''
- C. [Brazil]
`` Dear Jason, I am very interessted by your site. For many years I've been
searching for good tabs of brazilain music, but very often in vain until
I came across your site. Now I am learning the songs of GETZ/GILBERTO from
your tabs. They sound good! So I'm waiting impatiently for the other songs:
Doralice, Ogrande Amor, So Danco Samba, Vivo Sonhando.
Being not accustomed with portuguese language, I must listen at the record
to try to sing those songs. So congratulations and thanks for your help. ''
- P. [France]
`` Its a wonderful idea to have such an home page as yours. I live in
Switzerland and I am a great fan of Joao Gilberto [...] Thank you very much
for your work. ''
- Y. [Switzerland]
`` Congratulations on a great work. I can hardly explain how thrilled I was
to see someone wanting to share his knowledge and skill with other
people. Not to mention that I almost gave up the idea that there are
still people listening and playing good music in this anti-music society
of today. ''
- M. [Croatia]
`` Just a word to say that you have made a great bossa nova site. I'm curious
for the desafinado lyrics and tablatures to come. ''
- G. [Netherlands]
``Congratulations for your Bossa Nova Home Page, I was just looking for some
music a then I've found this great source of lyrics and tablatures. Thank
you for this material, it's very well done.''
- S. [Cayman Islands]
``Hi, I am very proud of you. There's a page with good information.''
- B. [Portugal]
``I live in Chile. Some friends and I have a bossa nova group and your pages
has been VERY important to us in order to play the songs Gilberto's way.
We want to thank you for this help...''
- C. [Chile]
``Thanks very much for your lyrics and transcriptions. I couldn't understand
Portuguese but I love Bossa Nova.''
- F. [Hong Kong]
``I'm 40 and like to play bossa. Thanks for your transcriptions. I enjoy
them. My guitar teacher says it's a good work. Well, for me they are good
enough: I can make it sound!. Let me thank you again for your generosity
putting them on the net.''
- M. [Spain]
``No tengo correciones tengo felicitaciones''
- O. [Colombia]
``No corrections. Just to thank you very much for lyrics and tabs.
I enjoy your Bossa Nova site. Thanks alot again.''
- V. [Russia]
``You've inspired me to get new strings for my guitar!! Well done.
I'll come back to your site often.''
- R. [United Kingdom]
``Could you please put in the PLAY button - when you click it, it plays the melody.''
- V. [Australia]
``Hi!!! I'm a great Italian fun of bossanova and Gilberto's music! I want
to thank you for your tabs work! If it is possible, I would be really
happy if I could have some others tabs of the great king of bossa Joao
and his friends friends Vinicius, Toquinho, Bosco, Tom Jobim, etc...''
- A. [Italy]
``Just a note to let you know how I really enjoyed working through your
transcriptions. I am an avid fan of the nylon string guitar (Brazilian,
fingerstyle jazz and flamenco). As soon as you publish the Joao Gilberto
transcriptions, give me a buzz.''
- D. [South Africa]
``FINALLY someone has come out with accurate transcriptions to some of the
great Brazilian Bossa Nova songs. I love playing this stuff but don't have
a good enough ear to pick out the complicated chords. Many thanks and keep
up the good work.''
- P. [USA]
``Thank you for the wonderful and useful transcriptions. I am just learning
bossa nova guitar and have recently purchased a few Joao Gilberto and Jobim
CD's. [...] I also intend to learn enough Portugese to sing them in the
- D. [Canada]
``Nossa senhora! Isso ta danado de bom! Brigado cara por essa pagina!''
- J. [Argentina]
``Congratulations. In a world of information explosion, you have created a
little corner (um cantinho...) devoted to one of the most underrated singers
of the era. Your site made me late for work!''
- J. [USA]
``Congratulations on a professional and slick site''
- I. [United Kingdom]
``I just now discovered your site and am looking forward to getting home so
I can get out my guitar and play some. I can usually figure out a song just
by listening, but in some cases, such as is the case with bossa nova, it
takes so long and there are usually some parts that don't sound really
right. Therefore I'm pretty much dependant on transcriptions, and I'm
really glad to have found these.''
- M. [Mexico]
``Hi Jason! I'm a Brazilian Bossa-Nova fan, specially for the João
Gilberto & Tom Jobim songs. I'm happy with the fact that there are people
wanting to know the meaning of the lyrics. There is a lot of poetry in the
songs of that period.''
- M. [Brazil]
``I just printed the lyrics and tablature to Morena Boca de Ouro that I've been
looking for so long. I got chills down my spine when I saw your site and all
the lyrics in it. [...] AWESOME site.''
- H. [USA]
``I have found on OLGA the files you sent about brasilian songs. I am
trying to learn guitar, and I appreciate brasilian musicians like Vinicius
de Moraes, Toquinho, Baden Powell, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto,...
The way you present the chords of the song is very useful for me to learn.''
- J. [France]
``Your transcriptions were very helpful to me in learning bossa Nova
chords... once I got those chords down, I could play all kinds of other
bossa songs with them... So I definitely encourage you to keep adding to
your collection because they are excellent!''
- K. [USA]
``Não toca nenhuma musiquinha?!!''
- L. [Brazil]
``Hola vecino. Hermoso tu trabajo ... me has alegrado el corazon.''
- D. [Argentina]
``just a big big big thank you for having transcribed este seu olhar... I have a
cassette of the gilberto album in question, but of course no liner notes [...]
So, if you are in New York, come and see me perform so you can check out the
accent (i am english, I imagine english + portuguese should be um...
- G. [USA]
``I have a lot of fun wih your transcriptions of Morena Boca de Ouro and
Felicidade. The chords sound very good, which I can't say of most of the
tabs I found on Internet.''
- K. [Canada]
``I have to say that your transcription [of `Eu Sambo Mesmo'] is wonderful!
(I habe tried myself, but the many voicings are too difficlut for me )
Can't wait until you finish this beautiful song.''
- J. [Belgium]
`` Thank you very much for your wonderful transcriptions of those beautiful
bossanova chords. I'm a great admirer of this incredible style of music, to
think that I can actually play the original chords of Garota de Ipanema along
with Joao Gilberto is truly a dream come true.
- C. [USA]
``your web page is fabulous for me, because we have many difficulty for
find tablature of brasilian music, so thank a lot...''
- F. [France]
``Hi! I'm brazilian, and I saw your page... Very nice! This turned me proud
to be brazilian!''
- F. [Brazil]
``Hello, Jason! Thank you for your beautiful work on your web-site and transcriptions''
- M. [United Kingdom]
``Do you have plans to transcribe more of the Gilberto songs for the guitar?
As you see I'm very interesting in Brasilian music and Bossa Nova in particular.
I myself play the guitar and I love to play that wonderful music.''
- J. [Norway]
``Congratulations for you and for your Bossa Nova homepage. Great way to
show the chords an everything else. I'm a Brazilian and a very bad guitar
player who s digging in his origins, and that's why am interested in Bossa Nova.''
- M. [Argentina]
``I wanted to thank you for posting the Samba/Bossa Nova music. It's really
hard to find anything on it here (Vermont).''
- M. [USA]
``I read with enthusiasm your www page on brasilian music. I think that the
possibility to find chords and lyrics on the web is a great thing.''
- S. [Italy]
``Thanks you posting info about your website on It's
great to have another good resource for Brazilian music.''
- W. [USA]


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